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Cover Photos トップページにアップしていた写真の一覧です。

_K3G2525.jpgAfter Around The World Trip, Greenland, Ilulissat, June '15
_K3G4722.jpgAfter Around The World Trip, Turky, Istanbul, July '15
K3GP9655.jpgAfter Around The World Trip, Hoi An, Vietnam, April '15
LaRosaNautica2676.jpgAfter Around The World Trip, Peru, Lima, Feb '12
sgp.jpgAfter Around The World Trip, Singapore, Sep '09
orion2009.jpgAfter The World, Singapore Herber Aboard on Orion Expedition Cruise Ship, Sep '08
effer.jpgAround The World Trip, 54th Destination Paris, France, July '08
paris1.jpgAround The World Trip, 54th Destination Gare du Nord, Paris, July '08
versiyu_H_L_tonemapped.jpgAround The World Trip, 53th Destination Versiyu, France, July '08
mikonso.jpgAround The World Trip, 44th Destination Mikonos, Greece, June '08
athens.jpgAround The World Trip, 42th Destination Athena, Greece, June '08
singapore.jpgThat may be homelesses area, but looks so easy and little happy. East Corst Park, Singapore, Jan '11
petra.jpgAround The World Trip, 42th Destination Petra, Anman, June '08
auberge-la-fibule.jpgAround The World Trip, 35th Destination Auberge-La-Fibule, Morocco, June '08
rissani.jpgAround The World Trip, 35th Destination Auberge-La-Fibule, Morocco, June '08
fez.jpgAround The World Trip, 28th Destination Fez, Morocco, June '08
fuengiola.jpgAround The World Trip, 25th Destination Fuengiola, Costa del sol, Spain, June '08
albaicin.jpgAround The World Trip, 24th Destination Albaicin, Guranada, Spain, June '08
badaling.JPGBack again to The last Destination of the World Trip 2008. This place seems like a dragon liying. Badaling Great Wall, China, Aug '09
antigua.JPGJust on the days of happened new influenza A(H1N1) in Guatemala. Antigua, Guatemala, May '09
mexico.jpgJust on the days of happened new influenza A(H1N1) in Mexico. Guanafato, Mexico, May '09
cordoba.JPGAround The World Trip, 23th Destination Cordoba, Spain, June '08
tredo.jpgAround The World Trip, 21th Destination Tredo, Spain, June '08
Boca.jpgAround The World Trip, 18th Destination BuenosAires, Boca, June '08
09fukagawa4gods.jpgNewYearGreeting '09 Fukagawa, Tokyo
saopaulo.jpgAround The World Trip, 14th Destination, SaoPaulo Oscar Freire St, June '08
valparaisoaebro.jpgAround The World Trip, 11th Destination, Hill side of Val Paraiso, Apr '08
RapaNui.jpgAround The World Trip, 8th Destination, RapaNui Easter Island, Apr '08
keywest.jpgAround The World Trip, 5th Destination, Keywest, Apr '08
Mexico001.jpgAround The World Trip, 1st Destination, Mexico '08 Apr
tomo.jpgTomo Samba Dancer '07
TopSep.jpgKasai Rinkai Park At the end of Arakawa River The last encaio of Barbalos 2007
_IGP2790.jpgMorocco Merzuga Grand Dune Jubi